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Sivaanandalahari - 63 (1)मार्गावर्तितपादुका पशुपतेरङ्गस्य कूर्चायुते
गन्दूषाम्बुनिषेचनम् पुररिपोदिव्याभिषेकायते
किन्चिद्भक्षितमाम्ससेषकबलम् नव्योपहारायते
भक्ति: किम् न करोत्यहो वनचरो भक्तावतम्सायते ॥ ६३ ॥

mArgAvartitapAdukA paSupatera~ggasya kUrcAyute
gandUShAmbuniShechanam puraripodivyAbhiShekAyate
kincidbhakShitamAmsaseShakabalam navyopahArAyate
bhakti: kim na karotyaho vanacaro bhaktAvatamsAyate || 63 ||

The way faring sandals become the kusa crown of Pasupathi,
The gargled mouthful of water become the holy water of bath ,
To him who destroyed the three cities,
The just tasted pieces of the remaining meat ,
Become the holy offering to the Lord,
And wonder of wonders,the hunter who lives in the forest
Becomes the king of devotees.
What is there in this world that devotion to the Lord cannot do?


*pasupathE:* = PasupathE!
*angasya* = to the body;
*maarghaavarthithapaadhukaa* = the wornout chappals;
*koorchaayathE* = the place between the eyebrows;
*puraripO:* = to the enemy of the tripura viz. ParamEswara;
*ghandooshaambunishEchanam* = wetting with the gaugled water;
*dhivyaabhishEkaayathE* = become divine abhishEkam;
*kincjithbhakshithamaamsasEshakabalam* = partly eaten stale meat;
*navyOpahaaraayathE* = became the superior naivEdhyam;
*vanachara:* = the hunter;
*bhakthaavathamsaayathE* = became the highest bhaktha;
*atha:* = therefore;
*bhakthi:* = bhakthi;
*kim na karOth* = what it cannot do?
*ahO* = surprise!

காப்பதோர் வில்லு மம்புங் கையதொ ரிரைச்சிப்ப் பாரம்
தோற்பெருஞ் செருப்புத் தொட்டுத் தூயவாய்க் கலச மாட்டித்
தீப்பொருங் கண்கள் செய்ய குருதினீ ரொழுகத் தன்கண்
கோப்பதும் பற்றிக் கொண்டார் குருக்கைவீ ரட்டனாரே.

பொருட்பற்றிச் செய்கின்ற பூசனைகள் போல் விளங்கச்
செருப்புற்ற சீரடி வாய்க்கலச மூனமுதம்
விருப்புற்று வேடனார் சேடறிய மெய்குளிர்ந்தங்
கருட்பற்று நின்றவா தோணோக்க மாடாமோ.
(மாணிக்கவாசகர் திருவாசகம்)

Saakshaath Kannappa Nayanar’s history is well known because there are very
few who would not have known Kannappa Naayanaar. He did not worship
KaaLaththeeswarar in the traditions of Aagama Saasthra because the only
reason is that he had Ananya Bhakthi to Parameswara. Kannappa Naayanaar
would hunt for a fat wild pig in the morning, roasting it in fire adding
honey in large quantity. He would then taste it to make sure that the meat
had been nicely cooked. Then he would bring the same for neivEdhyam to
KaaLaththeeswarar who stays at the top of the fourth hill. Before climbing
the hill he would take a mouthful of water from the Ponmukhali (swarNamukhi)
river for doing abhishEkham to Eawara. This way, Kannappa Nayanaar with a
bow on one hand and the cooked meat on the other and the sacred Ponmukhali
water in his mouth, unfading love of KaaLatheeswara in his heart and deep
worry in his thought that Easwara would be hungry that he would hasten to
Him. As he reached the Lingam he would pour the water out of his mouth on
the Lingam to do the abhishEkam. Then he would place the meat on the Lingam
saying, “Hey! ParamEswara! I have brought this fat well cooked pig and I
have made sure it is tenderized by biting it with my teeth and tasted it to
make sure that it is fit for your consumption. Please accept this offering
that I am making to you with all the love of my heart.” Then he would feed
this meat in the mouth of KaaLatheeswara.

(continued in 63 (2) )

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