[Advaita-l] Conference on that Date of Adi Sankaracharya in October, 2002

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I am really wondering is this really such a big issue??!!  In what way 
determining the shankara's birth date to certainity going to help us??  
How does fixing date of birth of shankara is going to help us in our spiritual / 
vedAntic sAdhana I am not able to understand.  Dont you think this fight 
is due to mere academic superiority complex!!

== Baskar, the issue here is not as simple as it appears on the front.  The hidden agenda behind the date controversy is an 'attempt' to dislodge the Sringeri Math tradition as being not an original lineage but a sishya math of another institution down south.  It is this hidden agenda that is the real reason for such a huge outcry every time the date of shankara is discussed, no matter where and how many times....
Regarding the spiritual vedantic sadhana, if those are the real intention, this hidden agenda wont be there.  One question to think about is that if Kumbakonam Math had never stirred up its 'original lineage' claim, this whole date of birth issue would have been analysed more reasonably; sans all the emotions attached to it now.  The controversy is only because of this emotional attachment to the claim.

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