[Advaita-l] Conference on that Date of Adi Sankaracharya in October, 2002

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 3 17:36:40 CST 2010

> Dear Bhaskarji,
> If knowing Adi Sankara's birth year is not important you may request the Sringeri authorities to say that and once the Sringeri >authorities say that the controversy may end. Don't you think so? 

Although my name is not Bhaskar, let me give you my guarantee that this controversy will
not end. Firstly, what gives you the impression that it is the Sringeri authorities who have
created a controversy?

Secondly, did you even visit the links I sent in an email a few days ago? How much more
explicit evidence do you want? What the previous Sringeri Acharya has said about the
uncertainty on this topic is there for you to read for yourself. The controversy has not
gone away, has it? In your mind, nothing short of a wholesale acceptance of your position
by the Sringeri authorities will be satisfactory. Sorry, not even I can do so, leave alone an
institution of the highest pedigree, history and tradition.

If there is any institution that does NOT grant much importance to the actual birth date
of Adi Sankara, it is the Sringeri Matha. It is NOT the Sringeri Matha that claims to have tithi,
nakshatra, day of the week and date of the month records going to back to many centuries.
It is NOT the Sringeri Matha that claims to have a horoscope for the birth time of Adi Sankara.
Go to those who make such claims and if THEY accept that these details are not important to
them, ONLY then will there be an end to these controversies. Do NOT expect that just because
these details have not been important for Sringeri, their pundits and authorities should merely
sit back and accept any and every claim that comes from others for whom these things are
indeed important.

The issue is very, very simple in the vyAvahArika reality. If person A comes by and makes up
any lie about person B, and the latter never responds, sure, there will be no controversy
whatsoever. If B sets the record straight, he is NOT the one creating the controversy. The
responsibility for creating it lies SOLELY on A's head. It is up to A to stop lying, or else the
controversy will never go away.


ps. Bhaskar, if you think my response on this thread has been unnecessary, please go and count
the number of posts on this thread and calculate what percent of these were from me. Then read
my posts again and the posts to which I responded and then tell me that mine were really
unnecessary. In any case, this is my last post on this topic, necessary or not.

p-ps. I did not want to use capitals, but this conversation is getting very annoying and I have to
forcefully emphasize certain truths.
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