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Sivaanandalahari -61 (3)

The dwaithis keep ignoring the fact that everyone has prEmai on his own
aathma and everyone has scorn at dhukkam.  They are spreading their view
that aanandha can be obtained only from ParamEswara instead of inquiring why
we are dhukkaswaroopis; if we are dhukkaswaroopis then why should we have
this anirvachaneeya prEmai on the self.  *If they do enquire then they would
know that a person would not have prEmai on a vasthu that he considers as
dhukkaswaroopam because it is in the nature of every praaNi to shun the
dhukka vasthu.  What do we understand from this?  It becomes clear to us
that our own aathma is sukhaswaroopi, aanandhaswaroopi!  Yet why are we
experiencing ourselves as dhukkaswaroopis?*  -- This is how the dwaithis
should have examined their contention.

Secondly, by the very nature of being different from oneself, the other,
namely the ‘object’, generates love and hate in oneself. Is it not?  What is
loved at one time is hated at another time. What is loved at one place is
hated at another. Also familiarity breeds contempt. We leave it to the
readers to find examples for these from their own experience that must be
plentiful. *The point we are making therefore is that for anything to be
blissful it needs to be ‘vasthutha: dhEsatha: kaalatha: parichEtha soonyam’
that is it cannot be an object bound in space, time and familiarity.*

But those who enjoy their aathma as ‘dhukkaswaroopi’ worship Parameswara as
the Aanandha dhaathaa without realizing that such bliss borrowed from
another is ephemeral. *Vedhaanthis contend that these borrowed joys are
temporary and are inert because that which is obtained from another comes
through the mind for the mind is the gateway to the objects.  *

*The most important fact is if you are by nature dhukkaswaroopi you can
never enjoy sukham.* For exampleoOnly a vidwaan in mathematics can solve the
problem E = mc squired and get the thrill out of it.  If you tried to
explain this equation to an idiot in mathematics he would not know firstly,
what you are talking about and secondly, he would not know the
vidhyaarahasyam embedded in the problem and revealed in the solution and
thereby miss the thrill.  Thus if the aathmaa is dhukkaswaroopi how can one
differentiate that such and such is aanandham, such and such is NOT
aanandham and that aanandhaa came from ParamEswara?  Such nirdhaaraNam is
certainly impossible.

aanandhO brahmEthi vyajanaathu

sathyam gnaanam anantham brahma

such sruthi vaakyas are pramaaNam for these.  *It is totally false, nay,
well nigh impossible for  anyone who thinks that he is dhukkaswaroopi and
that ParamEswara is different from aathmaswroopam to have prEma on
ParamEswara on any occassion and at any time.*

MOksha is placing one's aathmaprEma at PramEswara and doing upaasana.  Only
those who do this are praised by the sruthi as: "nasa punaraavarthathE nasa

(continued in 61 (4) )

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