[Advaita-l] On the date of Adi Shankara and other mutts

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Fri Jan 1 00:11:56 CST 2010

This is with reference to the above topic and the subsequent Emails
regarding the above.I read an Email from Sri.Kartik which says that there
are many criteria for a mutt to claim authenticity.Iam sad to say that
these Gurus donot claim to be authorities much like the present day
political leaders.What is necessary in this Page is the understanding of
the Adwaita vedanta.I can say with confidence that there are no Gurus
these days like the Holenarsipur Swamiji Sri.Sri.Satchidanandendra
Saraswatiji in making the Adwaita clear.I started my studies in Adwaita
Vedanta with the great Swami Chinmayanandaji,who could deliver the Geetha
Gyana Yagnas with his flowing English interpersed with light humour.Then I
continued the studies with the Books of Sri.Sri.Sachidanandendra
Saraswatiji of Holenarsipur.I donot think anyone else has done such a
Yeoman service to Adwaita studies as the Swamiji who has traslated all the
Shankara Bhashyas on Geetha and the Upanishads into Kannada which is very
clear and lucid,by choosing appropriate kannada words nearer to
Sanskrit.For this the Saraswata loka is much indebted to the
Swamiji.Afterall,what is important is understanding of the teachings of
Adwaita vedanta.

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