[Advaita-l] Becoming Hindu - one possible solution?

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
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It was not a question of people flocking to get converted to Hinduism.The 
issue is those who sinerely want to pursue spiritualism having the 
conviction that Hindu Dharma will be definitely conducive for their growth 
and they want to feel that they are Hindus only after a suitable conversion 
process they can feel at home and pursue the shastras ordained rituals etc
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This is such an arrogant discussion.

People talking patronizingly as if they are burdened with a sense of heavy
responsibility toward those unfortunate creatures who did not get born as 
-quoting from this and that shastraa. Whom are we deluding here? The world 
not flocking at our doors to convert to Hinduism. There are just a handful 
romanticists who are probably unaware of the inequity imbuilt within 
who want to come to Hinduism. Give them an honest answer about Hinduism and 
caste system and half of them would not bother again to convert. Rest would 
of a sturdier material and would be well off either way whether you place 
in a high or low or left or right caste.


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