[Advaita-l] Becoming Hindu - one possible solution?

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 29 00:42:05 CDT 2010

>People talking patronizingly as if they are burdened with a sense of heavy 
>responsibility toward those unfortunate creatures who did not get born as Hindus 
We have in mind only those who wanted to convert. So there is no assumption.
Not being born as a Hindu is not something unfortunate. They are many paths 
which are somewhat like Hinduism practiced in the West in ancient times. Ex: 
Celtic, druidic, shamanism etc which unfortunately the Christians and the 
Muslims wiped them out brutally by committing a genocide on their adherents.

>The world is not flocking at our doors to convert to Hinduism

Nobody said so. As stated earlier, we are discussing about those few who would 
want to be part of us.

>Give them an honest answer about Hinduism and its 
>caste system and half of them would not bother again to convert. 

There are many who are bent on embracing Hinduism being fully aware of the caste 


These people are well learned and traveled to India lots of times .. so they 
know very well what things are like in India.

In  case I gave a wrong impression, I am not saying the new people who  embraced 
Hinduism be placed in that or this caste. I am suggesting the  exact opposite 
i.e. they will not have a caste but would be Hindu-s who  follow the tradition 
of Agama and tantra.

At a personal level,  being a shUdra I do not mind people from my family 
marrying any foreign  Hindu who has some sort of dIksha & devatA upAsana and I 
hope more people open up.


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