[Advaita-l] Knowledge, renunciation and varNASrama rules - Is sanyasa ashrama sweekaram a must

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Thu Aug 26 13:06:32 CDT 2010

Radhe Krishna

Shriman Praveen, Radhe Krishna

You have observed :-

I've no answer on your question as to what the Maharshi be recognised as in case he had not tonsured his head, etc, or more importantly left home and continued school. I also do not know if he had need to do that or to spend 20 yrs in the cave in silence.

Shriman, I have not made any observation as to Bhagawan Ramana need to do this or that. Again it is not a question of recognition of maharishi for me but the question of RECOGNITION OF SANYASA. It is a fact that maharishi tonsured his head and discarded yagnopavita. My understanding goes that even if ramana maharishi had not tonsured his head and not discarded his yagnopavita, why should not we consider his state as that of sanyasa as in the case of jada bharatha. Sthitha vairagya, I understand is central to sanyasa and that was there for both ramana and jada bharatha in spite of IGNORABLE BAHYA LAKSHANAS.

I agree with you when you say agnyanis should not do a copy cat of these mahapurushas. Like paundraka vasudeva made a copy of shanka and chakra of bhagawan he did not dare to copy nilakantha by consuming halahala visha.

Yes renunciation is a must. Regarding leaving one’s home, the first of the order in traditional sanyasa, the kuticaka sanyasi remains at home.  Although, on sthitha vairagya, he becomes parivrajaka leaves his home and wanders thereafter.

And yes, the tradition must have the j~nAni to follow the strict rule of saMnyAsa. But unfortunately that’s not the rule although we live amidst such exceptional gnaynis even today.

Agnyanam jahnavai tirtham vidyatirtham vivekinam
Sarvesham sukhadam tirtham bharathi tirthamashraye

Radhe Krishna

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