[Advaita-l] How to become a Hindu

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Thu Aug 26 13:05:53 CDT 2010


Naradha responded to Vyasa Canto 1 Chapter 5 verse 14 through 16 (14)
Whatever you want to describe that is of a vision separate from Him, will
only lead to names and forms that agitate the mind like a boat that is taken
by the wind from its place. http://vedabase.net/sb/1/5/14/en  (15) For the
matter of religion you have instructed the people according to their natural
inclinations, which is in truth something reprehensible and quite
unreasonable. The people fixed on such instructions for good conduct will
not think of the prohibitions. http://vedabase.net/sb/1/5/15/en  (16) For
understanding the unlimited Lord they qualify who are expert in withdrawing
from material enjoyment, and therefore you must from your goodness to those
who bound to the modes are missing the spiritual knowledge show the ways and
activities of the Lord. http://vedabase.net/sb/1/5/16/en

My previous response goes along those lines on this topic.  It was on
Vedantic stand and here is the summary:  The ultimate goal of a Hindu is to
realize by experience that there exists nothing but only one ultimate source
(call it as God, Atman, Self, etc.,) and get liberated.  Only ceremony one
could think of is to completely and firmly understand the ultimate goal of
life and practice ways to realize by experience that there is only one
reality.  And if one practices Adhi Shankara Slokha 27 of Soundarya Lahari
to the core, sincerely and with full commitment separate ritual(s) is not

Having said that, there are Swamijis who could give clear and precise
instructions to convert to Hindu as per Shastras.  And we can leave up to
Sadanandha and the person who wants to convert to Hindu to take the
appropriate path which is right for them.

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