[Advaita-l] Knowledge, renunciation and varNASrama rules - Is sanyasa ashrama sweekaram a must

Varadaraja Sharma rishyasrunga at rediffmail.com
Thu Aug 26 07:33:27 CDT 2010

Radhe Krishna

Shriman Praveen, Radhe Krishna

 I just tried to understand the concepts from what Shriman Vidyasankar and Shriman Venkatesh murthy and others have posted. you are most welcome to help me out if my understanding is flawed by pinpointing it.

Had shri Ramana not tonsured his head and had he not thrown his yagnopavaitam and had the rain not bathed shri Ramana would it still not be recognised as sanyasa.

In case of jada bharatha, it has been described that "upavitena urumashina"  - had sacred thread which was blackish with dirt and he was in a state of "svatamalabadigamah" - having attained knowledge of self.  He had not thrown away his yagnopavitam although he has been described as in a state of having attained knowledge of self.

In case of Ramana, you explained that he served his hunger with biksha food. Jada bharatha took food as it came his way, by begging or getting it on wages of less quantity or of more quantity good or stale.

I am not comparing Ramana and jada bharatha.  My contention is just the opposite. Have yagnopavitam or have not earn food by alms or get it on wages - does it make any difference to a person who has attained atmaikyaboda. Should code of conducts be prescribed for them? Should they be subjected to rules of varna and ashrama?

you may please help me out where my observation had gone wrong.

Rahe Krishna

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