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Shree Krishnamoorthy

You have echoed the essence of my sentiments. We need to do something to encourage people who want to become Hindus or bring them back into the fold, rather than worry about what caste they will belong or whom they are going to marry. Without being judgmental about it, in this society, even those who say are Hindus are not following the dictates of the regid rules and regulations of the tradition. This is not a statement of endorsement or condemnation, but a statement of fact.  

If one visits Trinidad and see how the descendents of Hindus, who have never been to India, wanting to get back to their roots and preserve or adopt whatever traditions they think are important to call themselves Hindus; it will be an eye-opening.  Currently we are taking a care of a God sent young girl from Trinidad in our house, who is studying Bharata Natyam in Kalashetra and gaving up everything including non-veg to be part of the Hindu culture. 

It is important, I think, to develop a methodology to convert back those who want to, by providing guidance and a process they feel has seal of approval for them to call themselves Hindus. At this stage of the game, I am not particular whether some temple allows them or not, etc. 

I am being propelled to open a website to help those who want to become Hindus in terms of what they need to do and know for them to be Hindus. I will be consulting Swami Paramarthanandaji as well Shree Goda Venkateswara Satriji of Chennia, whom I respect very much, when I go and seek their blessings. 

This, I feel is His wish. If any one wants to help me in any way, that is great, and if anyone wants to criticize me, let that be also His wish. It will only help me to insure that procedures installed are right within our constraints. If it helps some longing soul, that is also due to His grace only. If it angers somebody else, it is also His wish. Any guidance to make it better and successful will also be due to His grace. 

Hari Om!

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It is my opinion that if people desire
> to convert to Hinduism some methodology can be devised
> sothat the converted feels comfortable as a
> Hindu.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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