[Advaita-l] How to become a Hindu?

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 00:16:17 CDT 2010


>I don't have the exact
>quote but it was along those lines “The person has every right to practice
>is his own religion”.  


> If it is not a generic message given by HH, it wouldn't appear under
>the thought of the day, as the appropriate context has to be given. 

Because it appeared as thought of the day it has to be a generic message? What 
kind of reasoning is this?
It is not that those who translated it or those put the quote on web dwell in 
the mind of HH..

 >In my humble opinion, the individual rights has to be protected and I believe 
>message goes along those lines.

I find this and above statement as being completely out of place & irrelevant. 
No body is saying we go like christians and convert them. The case here is of an 
individual who expressed interest in Hinduism.. nobody put a sword behind his 
back and asked him to go to HH & convert to Hinduism.

HH rejected because he is most likely he is an not genuine about his request.

> I didn't find any instance where Sri Adhi Shankara had
>either spoken ill of other religions or mentioned the other religions
>wouldn't take it to the ultimate goal.  

He did not even accept views other than advaita within the Hindu fold itself.. 
where comes the question of him agreeing that people of other religions could 
get moxa? 

Purge your mind of this mindless universalism. It does good to no-one. If 
anything, it will terribly harm Hindu interests.


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