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Tue Aug 24 21:52:33 CDT 2010

Dear All,

Sorry for repost as my original was truncated.

While one may become a Hindu, if this individual is a Brahmachaari or Gruhastha; what will the person's varna be ?  Technically speaking, he/she would not be in the chaturvarna fold and would be of a mlechcha jaathi.  Shastrically speaking: no veda-adhikara; albiet vedic essnce, yoga, puraana, ithihaasa are available and initiation into sampradayas and mantra-deeksha also.

>From a practical dharmic standpoint, he/she or their progeny can "only" marry other Hindus of mlechcha jaathi.  I use the term mlechcha to represent one outside the chaturvarna, panchama, and tribal jaathis currentl present as part of Hinduism.  However, nowadays one can marry anybody; legally and socially speaking.

Also "Hindu" religion goes in general with "Hindu" culture and ethnicity, so that individual must give some serious thought before conversion.  It is possible this person may become isolated from his native religion/culture and may not blend into the Hindu one. Hence one may become disappointed and disillusioned.

Jaldhar Vyas answered this question on another list. Perhaps he could opine on this provide his thoughts on my comments.

Ravi Chandrasekhara


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