[Advaita-l] How to become a Hindu?

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 23:28:07 CDT 2010

>Christianity was founded by Lord Jesus Christ and Islam by Prophet Mohammed. 
>Before that which
>religion they belonged?

They belonged to various paths many of which resembled our own kind.

>A Christian Gentleman was fascinated by Hinduism and
>wanted to convert to Hinduism. He was told that he need not convert. He
>could be in his religion and try to be a better Christian and try to find
>Spiritual Guides in his religion itself.

>The person can continue to perform rituals as per whatever religion he 
>(Christian, Muslim, etc.,) as long as it leads towards that ultimate goal.  That 
>is just not practical. The >suggestion amounts to axing off one's own leg and it 
>is self destructive.

Just mistranslated(or misunderstood) suggestions only belong to a trash can. So 
for your own good get rid of this garbage. If you take this seriously we would 
be axing off our own legs.

Whenever you take a statement from great people like HH do keep in mind that 
particular suggestion was given for that person and it is not a generic 

The reason for that particular suggestion could be many.. like for example.. HH 
might have discerned that the person was not sincerely interested and only 
curious. Or maybe he came with actually a malicious**(like a few indologists who 
take up Hinduism studies because they have an axe to grind) intent.

** Like for example Sarah Caldwell who actually took initiation from a 
shivAchArya not because she believed in saiddhAntika rituals ..but just to get 
an inner look/perspective so that it can be shown as without substance at a 
later time or to find out faults within the system and for psycho-analyzing the 
people involved for academic purposes.

So HH probably looked through this Christian guy and advised him to stay away. 
It is both naive and unwise to apply this to everyone.


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