[Advaita-l] knowledge,renunciationand varnasrama rules

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Thu Aug 19 07:18:59 CDT 2010

Dear members
Really the arguments for and against getting into/embracing sanyasa by non -dvijas were thought provoking.Sanyasa requires vairagaym and initiation is not a must.Sri Ramana Maharishi took sanyasa just like that and His life vividly portrays thar He had unshakable faith in Lord Arunachaleshwara that He has called Him to His abode.He never left the Holy Hills even once.So the word Sanyasi means to me that it is total vairagya to pursue ones inner call and the dress etc are only secondary just to indicate to the outside world that the prathignya is irrevocable.So any aspirant can become a sanyasi only that vairagyam is a must to pursue that asram/stateof life .R.Krishnamoorthy

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