[Advaita-l] Knowledge, renunciation and varNASrama rules

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Thu Aug 19 04:30:05 CDT 2010

Radhe Krishna

In the outset, I make it clear that I fully agree that a vyakti irrespective of his varna is entitled for brahmagnyana. The question is about "niamabadha sanyasam"

I have another doubt regarding Acharyal's interpretation with respect to Bhagawan discouraging Arjuna not to take up sanyasa.  Like Shriman Vidyasankar and Shriman Jaldhar Vyas explained that due to lack of vairagya, he was discouraged.  If that being so the deliberations by Adya AcharyAL in the context might have straight away deliberated on the point of sthithi of Arjuna at that time as to having or not having vairagya.  But why AchryaL left the issue of vairagya and why the deliberations on svadharma and paradharma / nishidhadharmAcharaNam?

I remember Shriman Vidyasankar's post wherein he said "I will collect my thoughts and post separately on saMnyAsa as an ASrama in
general terms and as an intimate correlate of brahmajnAna."  May be I would learn more from that excerpt.

I remember a shloka from Shrimad Bhagavatha, "gruheshu athithi iva vasan".  With this I would like to understand the mode sanyasa for sthri shudradi vyaktis. I understand the essence of sanyasa is vairagya although a ritually initiated sanyasi adhers to kashaya danda dharanam bikshAcharaNam ityadi niamas.  So far, I have not gone through a post atleast on niama bhadha sanyasa for sthri shudradi vyaktis. My doubt is, whether  a proper initiation into sanyasa ashrama is a must for these vyaktis? Is it specifically ordained in Shasthras? by whom? Is it by suthrakaras?  If not like that of "gruheshu athithi iva vasan" a position that of "sanyasi iva vasan" applies for these vyaktis.

Radhe Krishna

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