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> Satyakama was initiated into Vedic studies  though he was low-born. It was at the discretion of the Vedic rishi who considered him fit to be initiated. You cannot quote any scripture permitting that.

Namaste Sri Bhattacharya

Satyakama Jabala was ascertained to be Brahmin only by Gautama
Maharshi. He spoke the truth. Satyakama was not non Brahmin but
Brahmin only because he spoke the truth. The Chandogya Upanishad says
a non Brahmin cannot speak the truth like Satyakama.  He asked his
mother which Gotra he belongs.  Mother said I don't know who is your
father. Gotra is always father's Gotra. Satyakama came to Gautama and
said I don't know my Gotra.  mother does not know.  Na Vedmi Gotram Na
Mata Vetti.  Such a beautiful truth a non Brahmin cannot speak.
Gautama said Satyakama cannot be Sudra. He must be Brahmin only. Let
him be my disciple. I will teach him Vedas.

Adi Sankara tells this in Brahma Sutra Bhashya 1 3.37. Check it.

'The Sudras are not qualified for that reason also that
Gautama, having ascertained Jabala not to be a Sudra
from his speaking the truth, proceeded to initiate and
instruct him. ' None who is not a Brahmana would thus
speak out. Go and fetch fuel, friend, I shall initiate you.
You have not swerved from the truth ' (Ch. Up. IV, 4, 5) ;
which scriptural passage furnishes an inferential sign (of
the Sudras not being capable of initiation).'

Adi Sankara says this show Sudras do not have right to study Vedas.
They cannot study Vedanta also.



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> Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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