[Advaita-l] Knowledge, renunciation and varNASrama rules

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> I have heard even knowledgeable people interpretting Bhagawan discouraging Arjuna not to take up sanyasa as one of kshathriya not eligible for the Sanyasa Ashrama.  The discussion on this aspect in fact went on like even Adya Acharyal has restricted sanyasa only for brahmanas.  Latter on the discussions took a turn that Sureshvaracharya in his varthikas had interpreted the shastras to mean that sanyasa ashrama is available for dvija males.  (was it an explicit and restrictive opinion by Sureshvaracharya?)  In another thread, Shriman Jaldhar Vyas, although not elaborated had indicated that sthri shudradi vyaktis are entitled for sanyasa.  And now Shriman Vidyasankar, by invoking shankara bhashya on Jabala Upanishad has deduced that sthri shudradi vyaktis are also entitled for sanyasa ashrama.

Namaste Sri Varadaraja Sharma

We cannot conclude sthri sudradi vyaktis can take sanyasa. It is not
correct interpretation by Sri Vidyasankara. Sruti,Smruti, and
Sistachara are considered but Sruti is most powerful. Smruti is more
powerful than Sistachara. If Sistachara is against Smruti it is wrong
to follow it. Smruti does not allow female / sudra sanyasi. If some
Matha made Sthri Sudradi  sanyasis it is against Smruti so wrong. We
cannot follow it.

Adi Sankara knew this. He did not say allow sthri sudradi sanyasis in
his bhashyas. Jabala Sruti does not say allow them. Recent people are
playing politics / partiality to do this. We are fools to believe



> Radhe Krishna
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