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Thanks to the members of this forum, who provided the information, we are
currently in correspondence with The Adyar Library and Research Centre, and
in the midst of preparing to purchase all 108 Upanisads, with Sanskrit
commentary of Upanisadbrahmayogin, in 9 volumes.

Admittedly, we won't be seeing the books to verify that all the volumes do,
in fact, uniformly, have the commentaries of Upanisadbrahmayogin, as the
books are being sent directly to the scholar who will be using them,
elsewhere in India.  However, at the time of ordering the books from the
ALRC, we did asked for confirmation of this, and received an affirmative
response.  Furthermore, the Preface to Volume Two states "The Adyar Library
and Research Centre has published all the 108 Upanisad-s with the Advaitic
commentary of Upanisad Brahma Yogin.....completed in December 1751". (sic)



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Some time ago there was a query as to whether there exists a commentary on
all 108 Upanisads.  I checked up with a Sanskrit scholar, who informed me
that there is none.

R. Venkateswaran 


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Respected Venkateswaranji
             Namaste. As per my knowledge no one has commented on all the
108 Upanisads. Thanking you for recalling me.


Ram Nath Jha 

>>> Ramamurthy Venkateswaran 08/09/10 11:20 PM >>>

Dear Jha Saheb,
>From JNU (on retirement) have moved to Bangalore with my younger son,
daughter in law and grand son.  Hope Mrs. Jha and self are doing well.
I am forwarding a msg as to who commented on all the 108 upanishads.  Can
you pls tell me the answer, if known to you?

R. Venkateswaran 
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> Subject: [Advaita-l] Upanisadbrahmayogin commentary of Upanisads
> We are looking to acquire the 108 Upanisads in Sanskrit, with commentary
> Upanisadbrahmayogin, the only writer known to have commented on all 108
> Upanisads. The Adyar Library and Research Centre did a two volume set of
> Upanisads some years ago. However, we are specifically looking for all 108
> Upanisads. 
> Can anyone advise any known editions, please.
> Thank you.
> Krishnadas
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