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Dear Shri Ravishankar ji,
Many thanks for posting the url of Kannadaaudio.com and since then on a couple of occasions I have accessed the site and enjoyed listening the Shivananda Lahiri by Dr M Balamurali Krishna.  A well rendered version.  Thanks once again to you and the Advaita for carrying your msg.

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] shivAnandalaharI - Audio - Sri Dr M. Balamuralikrishna
> http://www.kannadaaudio.com/Songs/Devotional/home/ShivanandaLahari-DrMBalamuralikrishna.php
> This is an amazing rendering of Sivanandalahari by Sri Balamuralikrishna. I
> have this as a tape, which my friend Giri sent almost 15 years ago. I fell
> in love with it right away. This is a brilliant combination of the innate
> devotional content of the stotra with perfect diction and majestic rendering
> of Sri Balamuralikrishna. You will be carried away by the depth of emotion
> of the singer.
> This work is by bhagavan Sri Sankara and considered so by the tradition.
> bhagavaan Sri ramaNa Maharishi made a selection of 10 verses out this 100.
> http://www.advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2000-January/020995.html
> I was told by one of my friends that even some vaiShNava-s study this work
> for the devotional content and expression of surrender to ishvara. I was
> convinced of that one day when I listened to a lecture by a vaishNava
> aacharya where quoted a verse (ma gachChaH tvaM itaH tataH girisha bhoH
> mayyeva vaasam kuru ...) in the context of animal sacrifice.
> I believe that Sri Balamuralikrishna's majestic rendering is an invaluable
> aid to every devotee who is interested in learning this stotra. There is a
> Sanskrit commentary on this work by an anonymous author - I have this with
> me. May be one day I will scan it and make it available online.
> namashshivAbhyAm
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