[Advaita-l] Adi Sankara's comment about Prayascitta Karma and Sureshvaracharya's comment

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Tue Aug 10 10:12:58 CDT 2010


How can Citta Suddhi be there when there are sins?

This question won’t arise.  Citta Suddhi is required only because we have
sins.  If we have already achieved the target (liberated), there is no
question of sins.
Now one console is no matter how sinful acts one has performed, he doesn’t
need to worry as long as he understands the goal and take necessary steps.

The following is taken from Talks with Ramana Maharishi.

D.: I am a sinner and do not perform any religious duties. Shall I have a
painful rebirth because of that?

B.: Why do you say you are a sinner? Faith in God is enough to save you from
rebirth. Cast all your burden on Him. In the Tiruvachakam it is said:
‘Though I am worse than a dog, You have graciously undertaken to protect me.
The delusion of death and birth is maintained by You. Is it for me to sit
and judge? Am I the Lord here? Almighty God, it is for You to roll me
through many bodies, or keep me fixed at Your feet.’ Therefore have faith
and that will save you.1

These are the some of the examples who attained Jaanni state, in spite of
alleged sinful activities: Arunagirinadhar, Girish Chandra Gosh  (disciple
of Ramakrishna Paramahamsar).
In the case of Jnaani or a perfect Yogi, it is quite possible the prarbdha
karma still get carried out, to exhaust whatever the body has to undergo
(example: Ramanar Mahrishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsar), but since the duality
is gone (cleared of sin), further birth is not required.
This is not a good example (Parikshit) because: Will Prayascitta help when
there is curse?

The question is not about Prayascitta will work for curse.  The sage Suka
teaches Parikshit what the target is and how to reach that goal.  Sage talks
about unconditional surrenders towards God for liberation.

Adi Sankara said Prayascitta removes bad karma. Why do you validate?

There is no question that the sages such as Adi Shankara might know these
secrets as they have insight to all.  Rishis were able to say the time it
takes for the light to reach Earth from Sun.  Bhagavan Ramanar was able to
say previous births of a given person.  Yes, it is quite possible.
Although, to my knowledge, I had never read that Ramanar had prescribed
Prayachita karma if someone came to him and asked for a solution for
suffering.   He always recommended self-enquiry.

Numerology & Astrology are Vedic sciences really works if it is correctly
prescribed by a qualified person.  The qualified persons may be still
available among the many imposters.  It is tough to validate if we are
getting the required Prayachita karma from a qualified person.

Sureshvaracharya says Nitya karmas help to wipe sins. Why are they
unnecessary? One person may do them with ritualistic mind set. He knows they
will give citta suddhi. They  give citta suddhi.  He should not do rituals
not knowing why.

Just reiterating my earlier posts, both Prayascitta and Nitya Karma helps in
chitta suddhi.  Logically speaking, the person who has committed sins were
asked to perform Prayascitta and Nitya Karma for the following reasons.  By
performing rituals, offering prayers and other related activities his mind
gets cleansed as he move towards and performs satvic activities.  First of
all,he understands that he cannot repeat this behavior, secondly his bad
behavior is replaced with good ones. Prayachita karma is required for the
persons who have not started pursuing spiritual path and or are still
attached to material world.

If the goal is firmly established in Self-Realization, then Prayascitta &
Nitya karma doesn’t matter.  Doesn’t matter apply only when the person
performs the Sadhana as per his Guru’s advice to reach the goal throughout
the waking period. Then separate Nitya Karma is not required as he is
already performing what is required to attain citta suddhi. Otherwise,
Prayachita Karma and Nitya Karmas are required to help the seeker to get
into higher realm and understand the ultimate goal.


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