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Any scriptural reference?

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Here is a somewhat different viewpoint:

We will use the tattva-s as enumerated by shaiva-shAkta darshana-s.

Agreed at the level of nirgUna brahma tri guNa-s are transcended.
But at least the five shakti-s that are beyond the three guNa-s can 
exist: cit, Ananda, iccha, jnAna, and kriyA. So:
- using jnAna shakti it would be possible to "know" the creation, 
- using kriyA shakti it would be possible to support "maintenance" of creation, 
- using iccha shakti it would be possible to give creation "new directions".

hari om,


Since nirguNa brahman is NOT an individual entity and there is no kinchit 
duality in IT, neha nAnAsti kiMchana, the above question does not arise at 
all...And again, Ishvara & his srushti etc. are mere vyavahArika drushti 
which is avidyAkruta..
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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