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Saadara Pranaam Vidyasankarji

Please privide the details of the pub lisher Daksinamurti Matha,Varanasi


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> >There is a very useful edition of the Naiskarmyasiddhih (NS) of Sri
> Suresvaracarya with the hitherto unpublished
> >Bhavatattvaprakasika of Sri Citsukhacarya (BP) gloss thereon, edited for
> the first time accompanied by detailed
> >notes in Sanskrit and a Hindi translation of the NS along with a Hindi
> commentary based on the BP by Dr. Swami
> >Prajnanananda Saraswati, Vedantacarya, Vyakaranatirtha, Sastrcakravarti,
> published by the Daksinamurti Matha,
> >Varanasi.  A second edition of the work was published last year.
> >
> Thanks for this information. The Dakshinamurti Math in Varanasi has
> published numerous key advaita vedAnta
> texts over the last few decades and it is heartening to note that more
> publications are continuing to appear.
> >  Herein (i.e. in the Introduction) there is a rather long chapter (16
> pages) on "Sri Suresvaracaryah", where Swamiji
> >has shown that there were two Mandana Misras - one Mimamsaka, who was
> defeated in polemics by Srimad Adya
> >Sankaracarya and became Sri Suresvaracarya later on, and another Mandana
> Misra, who was a Sabdatvaidavadi.
> >Swamiji supports his contention by quoting from such works
> > as the Samksepasariraka, which were well aware of the difference in their
> identity, as well as from modern works
> >such as those of Anantakrishna Sastri, and others.  The most fascinating
> finding of Swamiji regarding the difference
> >in the identity of the two Mandanas is, as he has shown, Sri
> Suresvaracarya himself knew of the existence of another
> >Mandana Misra whose views he refuted in one of his works.
> In this connection, please also see the earliest printed publication of
> Mandana Misra's Brahmasiddhi, edited by S.
> Kuppuswamy Sastri in the year 1937. The opinion of the then Jagadguru
> Sankaracharya of Sringeri is quoted in
> the foreword by Sri P P Subrahmanya Sastri, regarding the identity of
> Mandana Misra. As per this Acharya's view
> also, the Mandana Misra who became Suresvara (according to the
> Sankaravijaya texts) cannot be identified with
> the Mandana Misra who wrote the Brahmasiddhi. In any case, none of the
> Sankaravijaya texts indicate that the
> Mandana Misra who debated Mimamsa with Adi Sankaracharya was the author of
> Brahmasiddhi. All these texts
> describe Mandana only as a Karma Mimamsaka, prior to becoming a disciple of
> Sankaracharya.
> Best regards,
> Vidyasankar
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