[Advaita-l] Adi Sankara's comment about Prayascitta Karma and Sureshvaracharya's comment about Nitya Karma

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Shankara also makes a related comment on Gita verse 3.13. I don't have the
bhashya with me right now. Apologies and best regards.

On 5 August 2010 10:33, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com> wrote:

> In Vedanta Sutra 3 1.8 Adi Sankara says 'Nahi Prayascittadibhir
> Hetubhir Vina Karmanam Ucchedaha Sambhavyate'. The translation is 'No
> work in fact can be extinguished except by means of expiatory actions,
> &c'.  There is a note 'Works are extinguished either by expiatory
> ceremonies or by the knowledge of Brahman or by the full fruition of
> their consequences.'
> http://www.archive.org/stream/vedntasutrastr02bdar/vedntasutrastr02bdar_djvu.txt
> What Adi Sankara is saying on Prayascitta? Prayascitta Karma can
> extinguish a bad Karma. BrahmaJnana can extinguish a bad Karma or it
> may get exhausted by itself when Bhokta experiences it.
> A Prayascitta karma is powerful to remove bad Karma. Why do you say
> Prayascitta is unnecessary? It is unnecessary for Brahma Jnani.  for
> others it is very necessary.
> Sureshvaracharya says Papa Hani  destroying of sins is must for citta
> suddhi purification of mind. There is no Brahma Jnana without citta
> suddhi. But citta suddhi depends on Papa Hani. The person's mind is
> impure when he has sins.  Mind cannot be pure until sins are washed.
> Nitya karma can extinguish sins.
> The question rises Why Adi Sankara says Prayascitta Karma but
> Sureshvaracharya says Nitya Karma ?
> Request learned members to reply.
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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