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Jai Shri Krishna,
O' Lord, You have told us that the Karma will have to be for Lokasangraha and then you also told us in Bhagavad Gita (6.1) to mean that just initiation to Sanyasha does not make a Sanyashi. O' Lord you have remeoved all our doubts.

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Radhe Krishna

Those outside the sampradaya and belonging to avaidika streams insist upon the fact that varna is not according to birth (mis)interpretting the Bhagavadgita verse. Until dawn of jnyana, those in the thrivarnas are supposed to do karmanushtanam.  The karmanushtanams are done as per the inherited apasthamba, bodayana, ashwalayana, drahyayana ityadi sutras.  As per guNa evenif someone chooses the varNa, how would one choose the sutras? what could be the base? To overcome such objection, The avaidika streams even have their own codes of doing karmas as in the case of compilation of codification of duties in Hari Bhakti Vilasam of Sanathana Goswami. I have mentioned this not to find fault but to point out that vaidika and avaidika systems are streams apart and have their own different codes although there may be commonalities.

The only way to hold on to sampradaya is to regularly study the prakarana granthas and bhashyas of adya acharyal and vartikas of latter acharyas in the parampara under the able guidance of sampradayavits. Having regular darshana of Acharyal in sringeri alongwith my entire family and be in touch with the topics discussed in the lists motivates me to listen to and read bhashya of acharyal.  There is no shortcut.Medavi purusho vidwan oohapoha vichakshanaH can not be by simply reading a couple of verse here and a copule of verses there.

and this :-------

Adi Sankara says sanyasa asrama is must for brahmasamstha. Other
asramas people commit sin if they do not perform duties . But these
duties will not allow them to be Brahmasamstha. They cannot be
Brahmasamstha. Only Sanyasi can be Brahmasamstha. Who can be sanyasi?

I too was under the same opinion and stood corrected.In spite of explicit opinion of Adya Acharyal, as I read from the posts in the list, by invoking and interpretting the shastras the latter acharyas in the parampara agreed to sanyasa for those belonging to all dvijas / thraivarnikas.  This in fact demonstrates the strength of shastras in the sampradaya.

Radhe krishna
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