[Advaita-l] Advaita Vedanta & Krsna Bhakti

Krunal Makwana makwanakb at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 30 08:26:48 CDT 2010

Jai Sri Krsna

I've created this new post as i would like to discuss the setoriological
position of krsna bhakti within the boundries of advaita vedanta.

Before i begin i would like to lay the position of our bhagavatpada
regarding liberation.

1. Mukti can ONLY be realised by correct knowledge
2. All that we experience through our senses is temporary
3. There is no difference in reality between individual souls and brahman

Although acaryasri had created many hymns in the praise of various deities
he staunchly only accepts that the path of knowledge or correct knowledge

leads to ultimate realisation. He accepts that going to mandir, doing puja
etc are only mediums for purification of mind but do not directly lead to


How can one who does not and has no interest or inclined in following the
path of knowledge but rather only pure devotional service to God achieve
liberation? (Please note: I have only used Krsna bhakti here as a matter of
personal preference but for consistency could we stick to this form of
bhakti) We have had so many saints within the bhakti movement and jnana
movement e.g narsaiyo of gujarat, mirabai, kabir, tukaram, surdas, swami
haridas, madhusudana saraswati etc. Would we still count them as
non-realised? do they not realise liberation? or are they an exception to
the rule?

Also if be the case that they are not realised two things then unfold:
1. Krsna bhakti is inferior to jnana marg = no point of worshipping Krsna
2. The saint discussed are born again into the cycle of birth and death and
they wasted their time

Although i've started this discussion i don't know what i really want to
achieve out of this discussion. Talking from a personal view, i've been
reading our acaryas work and by all means something i admire and respect,
his words have carried me through so many struggles in my life BUT there has
come a point for me where i just want to solely devote myself to God within
the confinements of our parampara without getting into the nitty gritty of
scriptural interpretation etc.

I hope the readers understand where i am coming from and 'dig deep' into
this discussion :).



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