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Sri Swamiji reflects similar views to the above in his deliberation of BSB 
4.1.15 in Vedanta Prakriya pratyabhijna Ch 10.204. Sri Swamiji is 
therefore quite aligned with Shankara and Suresvara’s views in both BUBV 
1.4.7 and BSB 4.1.15. Sri Swamiji's fundamental objection was the notion 
that a remnant of an entity "avidyA-leSa" hangs around a jnAni “like a bad 
smell” creating pleasure, pain etc and requiring continuous mystical 
practices to quell and remove and that final release only occurred after 
death.  Sri Swamiji argues in mulavidyanirasa 21 (I think this is now 
available again via the Karalaya) that it is impossible for knowledge and 
ignorance to co-exist as light and dark cannot, so the notion of a remnant 
of ignorance in a jnAni is nonsensical. Suresvara states this very also in 
BUBV 2.4.209:

praNAms Sri Subhanu Saxena prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Very soothing, constructive & scholarly response prabhuji...thanks a lot 
for spending your valuable time to write this prabhuji.  From your apt 
quotes it is once again clear that 'avidyA lesha' ( if you observe Sri 
Subbu prabhuji takes slightly different stand while explaining this avidyA 
lesha) as explained by vyAkhyAnakAra-s is completely an alien theory which 
does not have any base in mUlabhAshya.  Fact remains brahma or bhuma vidya 
destroys or drives away avidyA COMPLETELY and there cannot be traces of 
this avidyA in a paripUrNa jnAni. tasmAnna vidyAyAM satyAM 
avidyAsaMbhavOsti, vidyAM chAvidyAM cha iti vachnAdavirOdha iti chennaH, 
hetu svarUpa phala virOdhAt ...saha saMbhava ananupapatteH are the clear 
cut clarification given by shankara himself. 

But dont get surprised if you get an entirely different meaning to your 
bhAshya quotes...As you have rightly observed at the end of your mail : 
yathA matayastathA vichArAH,  beware prabhuji, minds are at work :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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