[Advaita-l] "adhikarins" and the continuation of the body after jnana

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Fri Apr 23 07:20:35 CDT 2010

sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Just a petite reply before closing my shop at office friday evening :

In a system of philosophy, even one exception is enough to invalidate the 
generality of a rule. In this case,
the presence of even one sa-SarIrI jnAnI is a strong enough case against 
the a-SarIratva of jnAnI-s. 

>  this is quite interesting observation prabhuji.  you are implying here 
one embodied jnAni is more than enough to prove sa-shareeratvaM of the 
jnAni..So, according to this there is no meaning in shankara's elsewhere 
declaration that jnAni is always ashareeri & he merely looks like he is 
embodied ( dEhavAn eva lakshyate)!!  Because as per the 'plain reading' of 
the quoted sUtra there are multiple jeeva-s with sa-shareeratvaM and with 
multiple incarnations & these enlightened ones have their own set of manO 
vAk indriya-s and they are even after Atmaikatva jnAna (i.e. ekatva jnAna) 
promptly obeying & following the instructions of saguNa brahman...So, 
sa-shareeratvaM is permanent for these jnAni-s and with that bheda between 
jeeva-jeeva & jeeva-brahma is also eternal...Because as you say one 
exception is enough to invalidate the generality of a rule..No need to 
mention here that that rule in advaita is Atmaikatva which itself getting 
defeated here with the multiple existence of jeeva-s & saguNatva of 
brahman even after samyak jnAna or Atma jnAna.

>  Anyway, I shall eagerly await for your sUtra commentary on 3-3-32 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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