[Advaita-l] "adhikarins" and the continuation of the body after jnana

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 10:04:55 CDT 2010

> Bhaskar, please clarify the above. IYO, is Sankara bhagavatpAda accepting
> jIva-jIva and jIveSvara bheda in special cases only, thereby contradicting
> himself deliberately/unintentionally? 
> > Kindly pardon me if I am argumentative here with your goodself. What 

No need for any pardon, Bhaskar. I only see a discussion here, not mere

> What do you mean by vAchyArtha of the commentary? 
> > I mean plain reading of the bhAshya vAkya 'as it is'!!!
> Do you mean that we have to apply a lakshaNArtha to the bhAshya in order 
> to understand it so as to remove this contradiction? 
> > I think it is necessary to understand this bhAshya vAkya in such a way 
> that it should not compromise advaita's parama siddhAnta i.e. Atmaikatva!! 

My take on this is simple. Sankara bhagavatpAda wrote whatever
he wrote in all his bhAshyas, without compromising Atmaikatva. That
tells me that your reading of the plain reading of the bhAshya 'as it is'
misunderstands the plain reading of the bhAshya 'as it is'. I see no
need to understand it in such a special way as to save the bhAshya
and bhAshyakAra from self-contradiction and compromise of the main

> If so, what is this lakshaNArtha? 
> > Kindly pardon me I donot know the lakshyArtha...I am trying to convey 
> the implications of literal reading of this bhAshya vAkya..
> What does Sri SSS say about this sUtra and its bhAshya?
> > Nothing special in Sri SSS's Kannada translation prabhuji...But I donot 
> know the need for bringing Sri SSS name here when I am saying 
> It-Is-ONLY-in my opinion...Should I not get any doubts on my own 
> prabhuji??


Yes, you can. The reason why I asked about Sri SSS is mainly that
I do not have his publications handy. I wanted to ensure that the
doubt was completely your own. No doubt it is informed by how
you understand the entire advaita discussion about prArabdha,
what happens (or should happen) to a jnAnI's deha and what the
 nature of samyag-jnAna is.

> I will save my own thoughts on this adhikaraNa for later, but it seems to 
> me that you are under a fundamental misunderstanding here.
> > Again, I did not claim that I am right in my observation, just I am 
> stating my opinion based on plain reading of the bhAshya vAkya..If the 
> vAchyArtha is giving us some special meaning apart from what I said with 
> the example of 'eternal individuality of bubble in the water, kindly 
> enlighten me prabhuji.
> > prabhuji, sadly, I regret to say, nowadays, there is an inadvertent 
> hurried approach in your remarks on my mails..I wish I am wrong here 
> anyway..

Not really, but that is a matter of perception. Rather than being in 
a hurry to disagree with you, I am fully aware that there is a lot of
history and background for our discussions on this list, which I take
into account. Anyway, I will take up this bhAshya passage in greater
detail in separate posts, over the course of the week. I have to take
time for work and family  responsibilities too, just like you!



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