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Jyotisha which is one of the vedangas details very much on the planets

2010/4/15 Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

> On Tue, 13 Apr 2010, narayan iyer wrote:
>  Why do we give argya-pradhaanam to the planets (angaaraka, budha,
>> bruhuspathy, sukra and sani)?
> Together with ravi and soma, they are also the presiding deities of the
> days of the week.  So together they represent time and space.  During the
> nitya tarpana (not sandhyavandana unless you are following a different
> procedure than I am) we give arghya to the divinities representing all the
> parts of the universe, living and non-living, moving and still.
>  Are these planets mentioned anywhere in the vedas?
> Well for instance ChhandogyopaniShad 8.13.1 says
> ...chandra iva rAhormukhAtpramuchya dhUtvA sharIramakR^itam...
> "...as the moon frees itself from the mouth of rAhu I cast off the body..."
> which illustrates the basic model of the universe according to classical
> jyotISha goes back to the vedas.
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உருவாய் அருவாய் உளதாய் இலதாய்
மருவாய் மலராய் மணியாய் ஒளியாய்
கருவாய் உயிராய்க் கதியாய் விதியாய்க்
குருவாய் வருவாய் அருள்வாய் குகனே

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