[Advaita-l] A study of a chapter of the book `BhAmatI-samAlochanam'.

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It is the firm view of the Upanishads and Acharya Shankara that
although Atma Jnanam is eternal (vastu tantra) and need not be
brought about afresh, yet, in order to end the erroneous delusion of
samsara one has to specifically effect a `realization'. This
realization is of a special mental mode, vritti, that happens in
time.  It is this vritti, called `akhandAkAra vritti', that arises,
destroys the basic ignorance along with its effects of samsara and
finally subsides. 

praNAms Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Perhaps, above is what the blunder Sri JnAnAnandendra saraswati speaking 
in his book...As usual you have given plenty of irrelevant quotes from 
shankara bhAshya to prove us that jnAnOtpatti & sAkshAtkAra are two 
separate events...Your obfuscating interpretation of the sUtra bhAshya 
lingAchha finally says Sakrit utpannaiva hi AtmapratipattiH avidyAm 
nivartayati...this is what Atma jnAna...Atma jnAna is nothing but avidyA 
nirmoolana..once you get rid of avidyA the svayaM siddha, aprameya brahman 
illumines itself without any further effort..jnApakaM hi shAstraM natu 
kArakaM. This shAstra merely reminds but it does not create or bring into 
existence anything non-existing like akhandAkAra vrutti or sAkshAtkAra.. 
Therefore please note mOksha is nothing but release from ignorance and its 
effects such as eshaNa (desire), fear grief,etc. The katha shruti says 
this without any ambiguity When all the desires taking shelter in this 
jeeva's heart are shattered then mortal man becomes immortal and attains 
brahman here...prayOjanaM chAsya brahma vidyayA avidyA nivruttiH..says 
shankara in sUtra bhAshya..he does not call for the peculiar state of 
sAkshAtkAra here..phalatva prasiddhirap mOkshasya bandhanivrutti 
mAtrApekshA, nApUrvOpajanapEkshA...says shankara in sUtra bhAshya...This 
is what is bhUma prApti..this is what is samyak jnAna this not a previous 
stage of mukti & sAkshAtkAra, a subsequent akhandAkAra vrutti is not a 
task that needs to be completed at future time.  And I think the author of 
bhAmati samAlOchana trying to refute your (bhAmati) theory of double 
standards in mukti..So, IMO, what sri jnAnAnandendra objects holds really 
valid & your interpretation of the shankara bhAshya vAkya is farfetched...

I can still write a plenty with more bhAshya quotes to prove you are going 
against mUla bhAshyArtha..but its time up for me I've to leave office..if 
possible shall meet tomorrow..till then prabhuji...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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