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Pl. see the 'about' here.  The Upanishad says: सत्यं ज्ञानं 
अनन्तं ब्रह्म
This is a teaching 'about' Brahman.  This statement does not 'produce'
Brahman.  It however definitely produces knowledge about Brahman. Equipped
with this knowledge one engages in Brahma jijnAsA and the required
nididhyAsanam and ends up getting the sAkShAtkAra of Brahman which is ever
present.  The Veda is like a city-guide that helps me reach my 
it does not produce the destination.  It gives me knowledge about the
destination, the landmarks, etc. and helps me reach my destination.

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Again going against shankara bhAshya !!!  your above para implies that 
vAkya janita jnAna is not Atma jnAna, something needs to be done after 
vAkya janita jnAna...If that is true then shAstra cannot be considered as 
antya pramANa...as per your above statement, you are telling us that 
shAstra is mere road map & after seeing & understanding this road map you 
have to travel the real destination in the form of sAkshAtkAra!!  So, 
shAstra is NOT the antya pramANa here because after shAstra vAkya janita 
jnAna there is still some work pending that means vAkya janita jnAna & 
sAkshAtkAra are two separate events at two different point of time!!!  So, 
according to you, there is no meaning in : vAkyArtha jnAna samakAle eva tu 
paryavasitO bhavati, evamAtma vishayam vijnAnaM yatkAlaM tatkAla eva 
tadvishayAjnAnatirObhAvaHsyAt...Please note apart from avidyA nivAraNa 
there is no separate event called sAkshAtkAra in shankara vedAnta (note I 
am not talking about later vyAkhyAnakAra-s here) Shankara himself 
clarifies this in bruhat bhAshya : na chAjnAnavyatirekeNa mOkshasya 
vyavadhAnAntaraM kalpayitum shakyaM...Ofcourse svetaketu required nine 
times this shruti vAkya shravaNa to realise this truth, arjuna required 
geetOpadesha from lord to exclaim nashtO mOha, smutir labdhva etc..For 
your kind information, they did not say, sir, just now I have only vAkya 
jnAna but I have to get the sAkshAtkAra of this shruti vAkya janita jnAna 
:-))  there is no time gap between jnAna & mOksha to say these two are 
separate events... 

See, like this you are going against bhAshyArtha at somany places & 
obfuscating the readers of this with regard to important concepts like 
avidyA lesha, mUlAvidyAvAda etc. etc. So, prabhuji, please be careful 
before saying anything in the name of shankara vedAnta.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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