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> Om Dear List Members,
> Can anyone direct me to the Advaitin's response to Ramanuja's Siddhanta 
> in the Sri Bhasya?
> Regards, Michael C

This is not quite what you are asking for but Venkatanatha, the second 
most illustrious vishishtadvaita thinker after Ramanuja wrote a work 
called shatadushani ("100 faults") critiquing various doctrines of Advaita 
Vedanta. (Actually only 66 topics are covered.)  The famous 20th century 
Advaitin scholar MM. N.S. Anantakrishna Shastri wrote a rejoinder to this 
work called Shatabhushani ("100 ornaments")  I don't think it has been 
translated into English.

Another modern work comparing Advaita and Vishistadvaita is Advaitamoda by 
MM. Vasudeva Shastri Abhyankar.  This one has been translated into English 
by Michael Comans.

Swami Madhusudana Sarasvati, Swami NrsimhAshrama and Shri Appaya Dikshita 
are other Advaita Acharyas who have written polemics against 

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