[Advaita-l] Avidya Part 4

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Dear Shri Subbu-ji
Thank you for taking time to read through my post.
I have reviewed your sublime essay in detail and find it to be extremely interesting - it is indeed wonderful to see your thoughts echoing the Bhashyakara's explicit terminology with regards to the ontology of Brahman being established as "svatantra", and prakrti being paratantra from the sutrabhashya excerpt that I provided. 

Advaitic knowledge, bereft of dvaita-bhava of Ishwara bhakti, can at best be only an incomplete intellectualization.

dvaitaM bandhAya mokSAt prAk prApte bodhe manISayA
bhaktyarthaM kalpitam dvaitaM advaitAd api sundaram *
"Duality is bondage before moksha and wisdom after realization. The duality accepted for the purpose of bhakti is sweeter than even non-duality."

It is wonderful that you are attempting to provide a synthesis that haromizes these two streams, while fully retaining the principle tenets of advaita.

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyo namah

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Namaste Shyam ji,

Thanks for a very informative reproductive analysis of the selected passages
from the Acharya's BSB.  I am pleasantly surprised by this observation of

// Herein we find Adi Shankara clearly delineating for us the two Orders of
Reality. One is the independent Real - svantantra - paramarthika Satyam -
Narayana as ParaBrahman. The other is the dependent Reality or mithya which
is vyavaharika satyam, and the latter of course borrows its satta from or
has its abode on the former. //

An article written over a year ago on a very similar theme is being
presented here, in this forum, in a separate thread titled - 'A VichAra on
Swatantra and Paratantra'.

Best regards,


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