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> Shri Madhusudhana Sarasvati should be from Kanchi Mutt only. The name
> "Sarasvati" will not be available in Sringeri acharyas name.

Just to correct the misapprehensions in the above post - The current
AcArya-s at purI and dvArakA (also at badrinAth) maThas are also
sarasvatI-s. Their names can looked up by anyone in India who is
following the kumbha melA news. And their affiliations or lack thereof
to the Kanchi Math are also matters of public record. Please do not
think that Sringeri and Kanchi are the only Mathas in the advaita
vedAnta tradition. This is a common mistake made by south Indians.

Also, it is true that the sarasvatI suffix is not found in the lineage of
Sringeri, but please note that according to all the traditional accounts
found in the daSanAmI sampradAya-s, the suffixes purI, bhAratI and
sarasvatI (including all variations such as Ananda sarasvatI and indra
sarasvatI) are originally associated with Sringeri only.


Coming to SrI madhusUdana sarasvatI, it is well-known that he was
from the Bengal region and that he spent his life in the northern part
of India. However, details of exact dates in his life are not known. In
general, one relies on the local tradition to determine these dates. If
the calendar convention traditionally followed by a group is vikrama
era and lunar months denoted by the pourNimAnta system, then the
dates for jayantI and ArAdhanA should be determined according to
that convention only. It is easy enough to convert these to common
calendar dates. Any standard pancAnga will tell you how to do it.



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