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We have three sets of AchAryas here: a) SrimannArAyaNa to Sankara, b) sureSvarAchArya and other disciples and their paramparas, c) Sri SacchidAnanda Saraswati and his disciples and their parampara. All agree with and follow the first set of achAryas, at least with their own interpretation of what Sri Sankara meant. SSS and tatparamparA strongly believe that the second set of AchAryas have not properly understood what Sri Sankara said; explicitly reject the concept of mUla-avidyA (and variations of that or consequences of that) and hold anubhava to be the 'kingpin' amongst pramANas. 

===== Corrections to the above statement are 
(a) that Sri Sachidanandendra Saraswathi and his followers do not say that Jagadguru Sri Suresvaracharya have not properly understood what Sri Sankara said.  
(b) That Swamigal does not hold "Anubhava" to be the "kingpin"; this is a wrong quote about him.  Please refer to Sri Jnanaprasunanandendra Saraswathi Swamigal's reply article to Dorathy.

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