[Advaita-l] Appeal for Supporting Vedic Scholar

sriram nagaraj sriram_photon at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 11 12:53:54 CDT 2010

Dear List Members,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this email. I attended a
 Satsang of 108 Hanuman Chalisa Parayana yesterday in Houston today where I 
happened to see a Vedic Scholar, well versed in Shukla Yajur Veda and 
Samskrita Vyakarana, along with basic Tarka and Meemamsa Sastras. He is a refugee
 from Nepal/Bhutan with a family and three young sons. He is finding
 life very difficult and is in need of immediate support. He speaks 
Hindi, Samskritam and Badami. I appeal to all of you to do what can be 
done to help at this hour in of need.Those members living in USA can ask their local temples for an opening. Any other form of help is also 
appreciated. We must do our part at this time, as this is Saamanya 
Dharma ("Everyday" Dharma). Keep in mind that
 Avatars like Sri Rama and Sri Krishna descended on Mother Earth for 
protection of this Dharma. 

Special note to the devotees of Sri Kanchi Mahaperiyava: Veda Rakshana was his life breath, the purpose of his Avatara. This is a place where we can all pitch in. Mahaperiyava watches us all as the Sakshatkara, as many incidents in his Avatara Charita can attest to.

I will be contacting the Vedic Scholar/others who know about his needs in the coming week and will update the list. Until then, please pass around this message.

The Heavens watch 
to see if we can really practice what we preach...
Sriram Nagaraj

 inner Light illuminates our minds--


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