[Advaita-l] A vichAra on Swatantra & Paratantra (Independent & dependent Realities)

Naresh Cuntoor nareshpc at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 09:16:54 CDT 2010

> For instance, recently you posted an analysis that attempted to use Purandara Dāsa's composition referencing a non-existent "gumma" to make points about how an unreal entity can have effects.  Sounds good, but actually it turns out that the "gumma" is a तुच्छ, an अत्यन्तासत् like वन्ध्यासुत, व्योमकमल, etc. (it is neither a व्यावहारिक object of worldly experience, like the pot, etc., nor is it प्रातिभासिक like the silver-nacre).

If I may interject, I believe a more apt analogy for gumma is the
classic snake-rope.


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