[Advaita-l] A note on ‘Avidya lesha’ 'अविद्यालेशः’ (Part 3) Concluded

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Apr 8 07:45:36 CDT 2010

Even for a vidvAn (knower of Brahman), it is appropriate that he has to 
his body, etc. due to the power of an avidyAlesha (trace of avidyA) that 
is inferred
because vidyA cannot destroy the puNya and pApa that have (already) begun 
to yield

Hare Krishna

Oooof!!!!  When all the big guns firing from all cylinders from all 
corners what this single toy pistol can do :-))  When mahA pundits of 
advaita paraMpara vociferously appealing for the avidyAlesha in the brahma 
jnAni,  what  can this amateur pAmara vedAnti do :-))  This pAmara can 
only say, let the maha, maha pundits admit the avidyAlesha in a paripUrNa 
jnAni due to his continuation of the socalled body...But shankara himself 
says jnAni is always ashareeri..shAstra would only remind us this eternal 
truth (jnApakaM he shAstraM na kArakamiti sthithiH...says shankara in 
bruhad bhAshya) and it cannot 'destroy' the 'really' existing puNya & pApa 
in an ashreeri jnAni :-)) If at all we are still seeing the body of the 
jnAni it is only in avidyA drushti coz. shankara clarifies that 
shareeratva to the Atman is kevala mityApratyaya (tasmAnmithyApratyaya 
nimittatvAt sashareeratvasya siddhAM) when jnAni get rid of this mithya 
pratyaya where is the question of shareera?? where is the question of 
upAdi saMbandha??  where is the question of avidyA lesha in a jnAni when 
he realizes the ultimate truth that he was/is/will be brahman forever!!! 
Anyway, it is strange to see the conclusion here that there should be 
avidyA lesha behind dehadhAraNa & karmAcharaNa...For that matter even 
Ishwara also has the upAdi saMbandha, he also engages himself in srushti 
kriya, can we attribute avidyAlesha to him also??  And I am also not able 
to understand this undue linking of prArabdha karma with 
avidyAlesha...Ofcourse, we agree that due to avidyA there is sakAma karma 
and resultant karma phala..but noway we can say this karmaphala (prArabdha 
in this case) itself is avidyAlesha....for example, I am fond of gobi 
manchuri & gudbud icecream, invariably I'd have it in my North Indian veg 
menu:-))...you can say it is my chApalya, due to this chApalay & 
overeating if I develop indigestion and discriminatively if I leave that 
chApalya without any trace...no one can say the problem of indigestion 
which I am still suffering is due to that erstwhile chApalya lesha :-))  I 
gave up that chApalya longback is it not?? Likewise there might be 
prArabdha in a jnAni but it cannot be that avidyAlesha, because he is 
brahmavida & he is brahman!!   Anyway, it is well known fact in advaita 
that even an iota of avidyA would not qualify one to call paripUrNa 
jnAni...vAlAgramapi gives visheshaNa by shankara in sUtra bhAshya...

I wont let it go  till I have a last bullet in my pistol...I continue 
firing :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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