[Advaita-l] Culminating anubhava ( from VedaprAmANya in Advaita)

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On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 4:44 AM, Murali Karamchedu <murali_m_k at msn.com>wrote:

> Dear Sri Subrahmanian,
> So, if I understood this dialogue right, upon the attainment of this Atman.
> perception,
> there is a continued sense of a perceiver - as it were, just because it is
> natural to buddhi.
> Yes, no?
> Regards,
> Murali Manohar

Dear Murali,

The answer to your question is: Yes.  Atman-perception (sAkShAtkAra), does
not destroy  the buddhi's nature: of being a perceiver, etc.  In fact all
the attributes of the antaHkaraNam, like: manas (for sankalpa-vikalpa),
buddhi (nishchaya), chittam (smRti) and ahankAra (sense of 'I') will be
intact.  This four-fould faculty is a must for the Jnani's continued
living.  The only difference is that the ego, etc. of this Jnani will not be
of the binding type as it will be in the ajnAni-s.  He will be able to use
these faculties as he likes, keep them in his command and not fall into the
error of identifying with them.

Bhagavatpada's own words are the proof for this:  In the introduction to the
Gita Bhashya He says: finding that the commentaries that have come to
explain the Gita are 'to the laity it appears to teach diverse and quite
contradictory doctrines.  I propose, therefore, to write a brief commentary
with a view to determine its precise meaning.'  These are His words.

>From the above we can determine that 1. He 'examined/studied the extant
commentaries' and was a 'perceiver'/grasper. 2. He could store them in His
chittam and recall specific ideas for comparison, analysis. 3. He 'proposed'
to write a commentary : a sankalpa (manas) and 4. He says 'I propose'
showing the presence of the requisite 'ahankara'.

Thus all the shaastra-mentioned four faculties of the antaHkaraNam can be
found to be there for Him as evidenced by His own words.  That is the way it
will be for a Jnani.

Thanks for the perseverence in taking this thread forward.

Best regards,

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