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One can understand this with a traditional analogy. Space is all prevalent. Yet when we consider the space as confined by a pot as a separate entity we call it potspace. And this potspace has a transactional reality - for e.g. how much water does "this" potspace hold? Now in order to explain the essential oneness of "this" potspace with "that" total space, we can figuratively say that "that" space as it were entered into "this" pot.

Another aspect of this "entry" can be understood by considering a dream. The dream universe you conjured up in your sleep is in it's entirety pervaded by you alone. That dream universe has no reality besides you. The consciousness of every individual person conjured up in that dream is you alone. This may again be figuratively expressed as you entering the dream individuals and rendering "your" sentiency to them, although the truth of the matter is really speaking there is only one nondual you, immanent yet transcendent - allpervadimg and yet unattached - aha the glory of Maya!

Hari OM
Shri Gurubhyo namah

On Apr 4, 2010, at 3:55 PM, Karen <karens at i.ua> wrote:

Dear members of this honour list.

There are Sruti text:

"The Self is resplendent, formless" Mundaka
also "Without parts, devoid of activity" Svet. 

How Is It conceived of this Self *entering* into the manifested universe,
when the Self already completely pervaded it? We know that only limited
thing can enter into an "empty" space. But Brahman already there. Even
the word *pervade* is not valid here for pervadeness is Brahman- substratum
(Soul) of manifested Universe. 

Thanks for your clarification in advance.

With warm regards,

<karens at i.ua>

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