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A portion of the post I sent just now got truncated; hence the left out
portion is posted now:

[ Pl. read this expression in my earlier post भावाद्भावोत्पत्तिः as

>From this very lucid bhashya we can also conclude that according to the
Upanishad and Shankara, the locus of ignorance, the seed, is Consciousness,
Brahman.  For, only in association with the seed, ignorance, maya/avidya,
creation/imagination of the world/samsara takes place.  In the next stage of
development, Shankara shows how this 'mixed' entity, Brahman + ignorance, is
filtered to exclude the ignorance part and retain the Pure Consciousness.
He quotes a number of Shruti passages for showing the teaching of the Pure
Brahman.  This also confirms to us that the seed/ignorance that is excluded
is an existent vastu.  For, an abhAva vastu cannot be a candidate for
'niShedha'.  There is a defect called : अप्रसक्तस्य प्रतिषेध:.

Some other points that I feel require clarifications will be taken up in
separate articles.

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