[Advaita-l] Vidya,Avidya,Brahman and holography

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Wed Sep 30 06:57:09 CDT 2009

With reference to Sri.Sunil Bhattacharyaji,s Email that  there is a
difference between what Jivanmukta and the others see and that the
Jivanmukta realises that it is Maya,it is said in Gaudapadakarikas that
"sa ca Maya na vidyate".For the realised one, the Maya doesnot exist.The
very nature of Maya is it is "anirvacaniya",the inexplicable.Maya is the
power that veils Brahman,the reality.It has both avarana and viksepa
powers.The Jivanmukta can act in this world,but for him he sees only the
reality everywhere.But,for the ajna,the reality is veiled by Maya,and he
too sees and believes it as reality,but he is deluded.

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