[Advaita-l] Jivanmukti - Jnana plus Sannyasa pt 4

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Yes-Bhaskar-ji - you are absolutely right - after all why should either a seeker or a knower embrace the order of sannyasa when there is a high probability that he might be a avatara like Lord Rama - all he needs is for Lord Brahma to drop by any day now and give him the necessary information [- perhaps even an email might suffice in today's age?] :) 
- I guess Acharyas Shankara, Sureshwara and Vidyaranya ALL overlooked this key point.

Hari OM

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> My aim (as the title of my series
> indicates) is to show that the 
> traditional position is this - without sannyasa, even if
> one acquires 
> samyag Jnana, it does not confer the fruit of jivanMukti. 
> praNAms shyAm prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Quite funny observation.  So according to you Janaka,
> who was a 
> chakravorthy  was not a jeevan mukta, avatAra
> purusha-s like rAma, krishna 
> were not jeevan mukta-s, vidhura & dharmavyAdha-s,
> who  were shUdra-s, not 
> jeevan mukta-s, prahlAda, dhruva who were kshatriya-s 
> were not jeevan 
> mukta-s, raikva, vAchaknavi, saMvarta those who quote
> shankara in sUtra 
> bhAshya as atyAshrami-s were not jeevan mukta-s, uddAlaka
> who taught 
> brahma vidya to his son svetaketu was not jeeva mukta,
> ...so, ultimately, 
> you are telling jeevan mukta-s are those who are saNyAsi-s
> not others!! 
> could you explain me in one or two sentences what exactly
> do you mean by 
> the ter 'saNySa' here, if at all it is not an external
> attires & 
> characteristics ?? 
> I shall come back to your long reply to my mail  on
> other list on the same 
> subject in due course....
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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