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Sri Jaldhar Vyas wrote on Sept. 24, 2009 on the thread of Purusa Medha: 

> By the way this also illustrates that being a Rshi (a
> mantradrashta) implies no particular ethical or spiritual
> ability.

This point escaped my attention, may be others as well.  What exactly were the qualities of mantradrashtas?  Is it possible for a Rshi to be unethical or spiritually sub-standard and still be a mantradrashta?

> Thee seniormost of the hotrs.  I find it curious
> that the dakshina is curtailed or refused altogether. 
> A sign of disapproval perhaps?
> [6] them = real animals.  I.e, real skulls can be substituted with 
These points are not high-lighted by anybody and people carry on with their prejudices.

It may be a better idea to do a series on brahmanam portion on vedas, contributed by knowledgeable persons such as yourselves, Rama Balasubramanian, Vidya Sankar, Kartik, Satish Arigela etc. and this may probably break the annual series of topics such as Women reciting vedas,
Vedas for everyone, Buddhism, brahmanas were usurpers and insufferable in the past,  is Sandya vandhanam mandatory etc. etc. 

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