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Sun Sep 27 16:39:23 CDT 2009


I first read Halbfass's India and Europe about ten years ago and it was an

eye-opener regarding European scholarship on India. I have reread the book

many times since and each reading has been very rewarding in many ways.


Wilhem Halbfass's range and depth of scholarship are evident throughout.

He also never talks down to his reader nor does he take a patronizing tone

towards the Indian half of his subject matter. Ever since I first read Paul

Hacker's articles, my critical antennae would go up for the merest hint of

special pleading disguised as scholarly comment. I have yet to find any

such thing to criticize in Halbfass's book! There are some conclusions and

analyses that I may disagree with, but even then, only with the highest

respect for Halbfass's scholarship.




> I've just been encouraged, by dipping into Wilhelm Halbfass' book of
> thought-provoking essays 'Tradition and Reflection', from Sri Satguru
> Publications, to buy his 'India and Europe : An Essay in Understanding'.
> But to judge from the high price, either new or secondhand, it's a
> much-prized book.. Has anyone here read it, and could give a detached
> opinion as to its value ?

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