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Michael ji,
The shanmatha is an extension of the panchAyatana, that brings in the
Worship of Skanda or Subramanya in to the integrated fold of worship.
As you may know, at the time of Shankara, there was a fragmentation of
Faith - vaishNavaites, shaivites, gANapatyas, souras and shAktya; In some
parts of the country, especially in the erstwhile Tamilnadu, there were
worshippers of SubramaNya. To bring unity among people and integrate their
Living, Shankara instituted the panchAyatana puja and shanmatha.
I have not come across smarta associated with Shankara.

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Please could you tell me more about Shankara, smarta and shanmata ?

Did Adi Shankara encourage the six aspects of worship simply by writing
hymns etc to each deity, or are there recorded statements by him about
smarta and shanmata ?

The references to this I have found so far lack chapter and verse !

And I suspect that this is important in relation to certain writings being
'written off' as not Advaita Vedanta !


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