[Advaita-l] Meaning of the word"sharada"

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Yes, that may be so; but that shouldn't obliterate the traditional
association with the 'clarity and profundity' and atmajnana of Saraswati ?


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This is with reference to the meaning of the word"Sharada".The word is
derived from the word 'sharad",i.e "Sharadruthu",which means clear and
pure.The word '"Sharada",means pure which signifies Atma Jnana,which is
clear and profound.In the Gaudapada karikas,there is a karika which
  "vaisharadyam tu vai nasti,bhedhe vicaratam sada",which means for those
who are always traversing in "Bhedha",i.e in dwaita,there is no clarity
and profundity.In Buddhism and in Adwaita this word is used.


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