[Advaita-l] vidya,avidya and Brahman and holography

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Sep 24 08:41:26 CDT 2009

This is with reference to the Email on the above topic.the sender states
that a scholar Mr.Stephen has developed a model on how vidya and avidya
can coexist in Brahman.This has already been explained starting from Adi
shankara and the succesive disciples and commentators on how vidya and
avidya can coexist in Brahman.There is copious material on how the jiva
can acquire avidya and how avidya can exist on Brahman.As for as
Vishishtadwaita is concerned,Ramanuja outrightly dismisses that vidya and
avidya can coexist in Brahman.His interpretation of vidya is different as
for him Bhakthi or upasana through "sharanagati" is the ultimate.Infact
the interpretation of Ramanuja and the vishishtadwaitis has no scriptural

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