[Advaita-l] meaning of the word "SAradA"

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Shyam ji,

Would you be referring to sharada, 'autumnal', as referring to goddess
Saraswati ? She who was born of sattvaguna and 'dances on the tongues of
learned people' (Bramanda Purana ch.43) -- hence the association with Adi
Shankara at Saradamba ?

It might be stretching associations too far to remark that it's when summer
turns to autumn that scholars return to their books like a river refreshed !


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Dear list members,

I am interested in knowing the etymology and meanings/significance of the
word "SAradA", specifically with respect to
SrI SAradAmba in Sringeri. The dictionary meaning given in Monier Williams
was not very enlightening in this regard,
hence the question. I would be grateful if any references to the
purANas/itihAsAs regarding the usage of this word are
also given.

Thanking you,

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